MA in maritime civilizations at the University of Haifa

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MA in maritime civilizations at the University of Haifa - for international students

The University of Haifa offers an international master’s program in maritime civilizations. This international program is conducted in English and is open to students from around the globe, as well as Israelis, who wish to broaden their knowledge of marine and coastal research.
In this program, the department strives to train researchers, consultants, educators and environmental activists and supply them with theoretic knowledge and hands-on skills required in this field. The department is linked to the faculty of humanities, this allows students to explore archaeology and history of maritime societies and their natural environment.

Study program
Graduates gain an integrative understanding of marine civilizations and the sea environment and develop research skills necessary in this field. In addition, they specialize in the relations between humans and the Mediterranean.
This is a multi-disciplinary program, students integrate several fields of study such as coastal archaeology, maritime history, Mediterranean environment history, ecology, law and ship construction.

Structure and duration
This program spans one year and includes 3 consecutive semesters.
Students can take part in one of 2 tracks:
Thesis track: a research program that includes core courses, field trips, seminars, electives and a summer project. The thesis program is suitable to students intending on continuing to doctoral studies.
Non-thesis track: students in this program take part in core courses, coastal field trips, seminars and electives. They take a final exam and complete a summer project.
Both tracks include hands-on training, students participate in cruises and research projects conducted at sea. The field work is an integral part of the studies and exposes students to practical implementation of scientific tools and research methods. Students also take part in summer projects designed to help them gain practical experience in underwater and coastal excavations and laboratory work. During this project students complete the “advances field methods” course.

Marine pollution
Ship construction
Coastal geo-cartography
Underwater archaeology
Harbor and ship installation
Fishing from antiquity to the modern age
History of the Mediterranean environment

The faculty of this department is comprised of scholars carrying out a wide variety of marine research projects. They encourage students to take part in research projects in relevant topics to their thesis.
The head of the international program, Dr. Nimrod Marom, is a researcher whose interests include the human impact on food webs and ecosystems, and bone archaeology of animals in the Mediterranean.

Candidates interested in applying  to this international graduate degree must comply with the following requirements:
B.Sc. or B.A. degree transcript and diploma
Preference is given to undergraduates in relevant fields such as archaeology, ecology, history, geology or biology.
GPA of 3.0 and above (80%)
2 letters of recommendation from academic faculty
Statement of intent between 500 - 750 words
Non-English speakers and undergraduates of degrees not in English must pass a TOEFL exam with a grade of 570 in the paper-baes test, 230 in the computer-based test or 89 in the web-based test.

Graduates receive an M.A. Master’s degree in maritime civilizations from the University of Haifa.
In addition, they receive a certificate in coastal and underwater excavation. This certificate is granted to students in the thesis and non-thesis track and is approved by the Israeli Antiquities Authority. In order to receive this diploma, they must complete their master’s degree successfully, complete all theoretical courses, practical field courses and BA level introductory courses. They must pass a certification exam and serve an administrative role on underwater or coastal excavations.

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