MA in Holocaust studies at the University of Haifa

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MA in Holocaust studies at The University of Haifa - for international students

The University of Haifa offers the international Weiss-Livnat master’s program in Holocaust studies. This program is aimed at both international and Israeli students and is studied in English. This track is part of the faculty of humanities in the universities.
This program focuses on training young holocaust scholars and assisting them in developing a multidisciplinary point of view required for promoting holocaust research and education ventures in Israel and around the world.

Study program
This international graduate program allows students to expand their knowledge of various aspects of the holocaust research and study. Students combine different intellectual fields in the humanities and social sciences such as history, anthropology, genocide studies, psychology and culture and art. In addition they learn of the work of archives, museums and other cultural ventures that work to preserve the holocaust research and make it accessible to people worldwide.

Structure and duration
This program’s duration is one year. Students may choose between a thesis track and a non-thesis track in which they write a final project or take an exam. Courses take place in 2.5 days a week and are spread across 3 semesters, one of which is a summer semester.
In addition, students can choose to spread their studies over 2 years and study 1 day a week for 6 semesters.
In order to help students develop innovative news ways to promote the Holocaust research, this program includes various practical courses and activities such as workshops and projects. Students can also take part in internships in archives, museums and schools in Israel or abroad, during their internship they practice cataloguing, information classification, building educational programs for schools, historic research and more.
The program cooperates with various institutes in the field of Holocaust research such as Yad VaShem, Ghetto Fighters’ House, The Holocaust memorial museum in Washington, the museum of Jewish history in Warsaw and others. These institutes can assist students in conducting their research.
Students can also take part in a field trip to Poland where they visit historic sites and learn more about the lives of the Jewish people before, during and after the second world war.

Here are several courses included in this program:
Genocide studies
History of antisemitism
Heritage sites and museums
Trauma and commemoration
Creative resistance in the holocaust
Multidisciplinary holocaust education
Psychological aspect of Holocaust memory

Professor Arieh J. Kochavi, the head of the program, is a professor of modern history. He published numerous books on subjects including post holocaust politics, POWs in Nazi Germany, war crime policy and more. He is the chair of the editorial board in the journal of Holocaust research.

Application requirements to this program include:
Undergraduate degree from recognized institutes
GPA of 3.0 and above (80% average)
TOEFL internet-based test with a grade of 89 and above - for candidates who graduated from non-English speaking institutes
2 academic references
Personal CV
Statement of purpose

Candidates without sufficient academic background in history must complete introduction courses in European history and history of the twentieth century. These courses are studied online and must be completed before the beginning of the master studies.

Upon completing all requirements, graduates receive a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Holocaust studies from the University of Haifa.

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