M.Sc. in marine geosciences at the University of Haifa

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M.Sc. in Marine Geosciences at The University of Haifa - for international students
At The University of Haifa, students can take part in an M.Sc. program in maritime geosciences. This is an international track conducted in English, where students from around the globe can study together and further their knowledge and research skills.
Following the discovery of natural gas reserves off the shore of Israel, scientists face various challenges in research and development. Great amounts of resources are invested in developing the technological and scientific solutions of the future and training tomorrow’s scientists. Graduates in this program can gain the skills necessary for taking part in this rich and challenging geological and geophysical research, since the Israeli academia and industry are currently in great need of experts.

Study program
This international program focuses on main phenomena in the marine environment. Students can research different processes in the seafloor, deep subsurface or water bodies and use advanced tools from subjects such as geology, oceanography, remote sensing, mapping and more. They also take part in numerous academic activities to gain hands-on experience in these fields.

Structure and duration
This international M.Sc. program spans two years. It is offered in a thesis track only. Courses take place five days a week.
Students complete most of their mandatory courses during the first year of studies. In addition, students take part in a research cruise during this year, in which they collect data used in the different courses as test cases. During the practical courses they advance their skills in research methods.
The faculty offers different facilities to assist the students in their research, such ad equipment for marine sampling, computer laboratories with programs for geophysical data processing, sediment core analysis laboratories, and more.

Ocean tectonics
Physical oceanography
Geology of marine sediments
Underwater geo-archaeology
Geology of the Mediterranean
Fundamentals in signal analysis
Marine geology of mount Carmel

The head of the department, Dr. Beverly Goodman Tchernov, is a researcher whose studies focus on the coastal environment and marine geo - archaeology.

Admission requirements include:
B.Sc. degree in scientific subjects such as geology, marine science, geophysics, or engineering.
Basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, computers, and English is required
Minimum grade of 80% and above in relevant degree
Candidates whose previous studies were not conducted in English are required to present a TOEFL exam. A score of 550 in the paper-based exam, 213 in the computer-based exam or 80 in the internet-based exam are required.
Personal CV
Research statement and goals in planned research up to 750 words, describing candidate’s relevant experience
Interview for suitable candidates
Complementary studies:
Undergraduates who lack academic experience in required subjects may be accepted conditionally, depending on the decision of a departmental committee, and completing the missing courses during the first year of studies. The complementary program is adjusted personally by the committee. Applicants must complete these courses with a grade of 85 and above.

Upon completing this program and all the academic requirements, including the thesis, graduates receive a M.Sc. degree in maritime geosciences from The University of Haifa.

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