MA in Jewish studies at the University of Haifa

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MA in Jewish studies at the University of Haifa - for international students

International students who wish to broaden their knowledge of Judaism can study in the MA program in Jewish studies at The University of Haifa. This is an international program, courses are conducted in English. During their studies, students can get a full picture of the culture and history of pre-modern Judaism.


Study program
Students in this track gain methodological tools to examine the global and local aspects of Jewish history and culture. They learn of challenges and dilemmas in modern scholarship of Jewish studies and get access to many historical sources from Biblical days to present day research. In addition, they learn about main historical sites in Israel and get acquainted with historical remains and the rich history behind them.
During their studiesin the Jewish studies program, students focus on three main chronological periods:
Biblical and antiquity
Medieval times
The modern period

Structure and duration
This is a non-thesis program; students write a graduation project or take a final exam.
It spans 3 semesters and consists of 36 semestrial hours. Those who are rwquired to complete introductory courses must do so before the first semester.
Alongside theoretic compulsory and elective courses, students take part in study tours that include excursions to museums and archaeological sites.

Here are a few of the courses included in this program:
Jewish Esotericism
Rabbinic literature
Israel among the nations
Christians and Jews in late antiquity

The program coordinator, Dr. Micha Perry, is a scholar and lecturer who’s areas of research include history of the Jewish law, Jewish culture in the medieval ages, sociology of knowledge and more. He was a Fulbright scholar and a Starr fellow.

Candidates who wish to apply must comply with the following requirements:
BA in the humanities with a preference for undergraduates in Jewish studies
GPA of 2.6 and above (76%)
Transcript and diploma
TOEFL exam score if native language is not English or previous studies were not conducted in English - 570 in the paper exam, 89 in the web exam or 230 in the computer exam
Personal CV
A personal statement of 500 - 750 words
Medical forms and copy of valid passport
Undergraduates with a degree not in Jewish studies might have to complete introductory courses before beginning the first semester.

Graduates who successfully complete this program receive a master’s degree (MA) - Mater of arts in Jewish studies from The University of Haifa - the faculty of humanities.
The final grade is composed of several parts - 70% achievements in mandatory courses and 30% for examinations or graduation project.

About the university
The university of Haifa, situated on Mount Carmel, is the biggest academic institute in the north of Israel. One of the biggest faculties in the university is the faculty of humanities, that strives to academic excellence and social commitment. The Jewish studies department has recently expanded its faculty and is home to innovative research in many different subjects related to the history and culture of the Jewish People.

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