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Executive MBA at The University of Haifa - for international students


At the University of Haifa, managers from around the globe can take part in the international executive MBA program. In this master’s program in business administration experienced businesspeople can get to know contemporary management challenges and explore new opportunities.
This is a part time program designed especially for managers who wish to combine their studies and career and learn new techniques for dealing with global changes, as well as focus on the fastest growing markets worldwide. It is conducted in English.
Students can use the knowledge gained in the international MBA program in their own organizations and implement it to deal with the globalization of the business world. In addition, they can use these skills to learn how to turn changes in the business arena from threats to opportunities.



Study program
The international MBA program is aimed at managers and allows them to develop skills for advancing their careers and improving their management strategies in the face of changes in today’s business environment. This track puts emphasis on business in Ease Asia, in countries such as China, India and Japan. Students discuss current globalization processes and their impact on business, as well as the growing role East Asia plays in this new business field.



Structure and duration
This program spans 14 months and is comprised of 6 consecutive periods of 9 weeks each. The academic schedule is especially designed to allow managers to combine their studies and career development.
Studies are offered in a non-thesis track, in which students take a final exam.
Alongside theoretic courses this program includes practical activities such as a joint seminar with an MBA program in east Asia that allows students to work on projects together; a trip to China or India in which students experience the local business field and management approach, and more.



Students in this program study various courses, among them:
International finance
Project management
Geopolitics in business
Marketing management
Global entrepreneurship
Business development in China
Management of information systems



The head of the English MBA program, professor Chalom Schirman, Published books and studies on subjects such as negotiation strategy and international economic relations. In addition, he was an international consultant to international partnerships and strategy and a founding partner of a consulting firm.



Admission requirements include:
Undergraduate degree with an average of 80% and above
3 years or more of relevant managerial or professional experience after completing their degree
GMAT or GRE exam in the required grade determined by the department
Command of English
Personal interview



Students receive an MBA - Master of Business Administration from the University of Haifa. In order to receive the diploma, they must successfully complete all academic demands, achieve a grade of 65 and above in each course and a final average of 76. The final average is comprised of 80% of course grades and 20% final project grade.



About the university
At The university of Haifa’s school of business administration students can find another international program - MBA with a specialization in sustainability. This track focuses on the use of environmental resources in the business field. International students can also study in various other international master programs in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.


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