MA in statistics at the University of Haifa

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MA in statistics at the University of Haifa - for international students


At the department of statistics at the University of Haifa, international students can take part in an M.A. track studied in English. In this program graduates can gain up to date education in their field and get acquainted with new applications and methods and their application in research and development.
The goal of the international track is training graduates to promote themselves to leading roles in many career paths. They can assume different roles in the high-tech industry as well as in fields such as e-commerce, research and development and healthcare services. In addition, a thesis track is offered to those who wish to further their academic career as researchers.



Study program
Students in the international master’s program learn how to analyze data from different application areas and draw meaningful conclusions from it. They study data applications from fields such as clinical trials, genomics, finance, and web applications. These skills are of great importance in today’s big Data age, and students get to know the most up to date methods used in the industry.
During their studies, students put emphasis on computational skills and application of statistical ideas, in addition to gaining knowledge in the core of statistical science. In addition, they develop their mathematical skills and knowledge in relevant fields.



Structure and duration
Students can choose between a non-thesis track and a thesis track suitable for those interested in continuing to doctoral studies (PhD). The non-thesis program is comprised of 3 consecutive semesters and spans one year. The thesis track spans 24 months.
Students complete their coursework during the first two semesters, the remaining semester is dedicated to completing independent projects.



Among the courses in the program are:
Learning theory
Applied statistics
Statistical inference
Analyzing large data sets
Algorithms for data analysis
The head of the program, Professor Philip Tzvi Reiss, is a professor of biostatistics whose research interests include functional data analysis and statistical modelling in neuroimaging.



In order to apply to this program, candidates must comply with the following:
Undergraduate degree in statistics or relevant subjects
Average grade of 80% and above
Those with a bachelor’s degree in subjects other than statistics are required to take part in background courses to prepare for the master level studies.
Candidates who studied in a language other than English or are nor native English speakers are required to take the TOEFL English proficiency test. A grade of 570 in the paper-based test in required, or 230 in the computer-based test or 89 in the internet exam.



Upon completing all academic requirements graduates receive an M.A. Master of Arts in statistics from the University of Haifa.
In the non-thesis track, the final grade is comprised of 80% course grades and 20% for the final project. The grade in the thesis track is comprised of 50% course grades and 50% thesis grade.



About the university
As the biggest academic institute in the north of Israel, the University of Haifa is home to students of many nationalities and groups and offers several international master programs in subjects such as business, humanities, science and social sciences. Alongside their studies, international students can get to know Israeli life and culture and take part in many activities on or off campus, the university encourages networking and innovation.


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