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MA in international relations with a specialization in diplomacy studies at The University of Haifa - for international students

At the University of Haifa, students can take part in an MA program in international relations with a specialization in diplomacy studies. This international program is studied in English and is part of The school of political science at the university.


Study program
In this international graduate program, students get to know main concepts and analytical tools concerning diplomacy in the middle east and in the global setting.
They can examine charged and contemporary issues that are the main focus of policy makers, decision makers and scholars alike. They put special focus on the Mediterranean area and the different tensions and crises in this region, as well as learn about economic, social and political processes happening today.

Structure and duration
Students can choose between two study tracks:
An MA in international relations with a specialization in diplomacy in a non thesis track, as part of the school of political science - division of international relations. This program spans 1 year and consists of 3 consecutive semesters (fall, spring, summer). Students write a final project of around 35 pages.
An MA track in international relations dual degree with the University of Warsaw, in a thesis track. This program spans 2 years. During the first year, students learn courses at the University of Haifa, and during the second year, study courses at the University of Warsaw. They submit a thesis under supervision of faculty from both universities.

Here are a few courses included in the program:
The Arab Israeli conflict
Ethics and human rights
War and regional conflicts
Theories in intergroup conflict
Technology and new diplomacy
Conflict resolution and peacebuilding

The head pf the program, Professor Avraham Ben-Zvi, is an Israel prize laureate on his contribution to research in international relations. His research focuses on Israeli and American relations.
The general admission requirements to the program include:
An undergraduate degree in political science from accredited universities in Israel or abroad.
Students with degrees in other fields must complete academic prerequisites.
GPA of 3.0 and above (80%)
TOEFL exam when required
CV - resume
Candidates who do not meet these requirements may submit their candidacy and provide all necessary forms, a committee will consider the requests and terms of approval.



Undergraduates in subjects other than political science are required to achieve a score of 80 and above in introductory courses before the first semester. The courses are:
Introduction to international relations
Introduction to political science / politics and government

In the non-research track students are awarded with an MA degree in international relations and a certificate of specialization in diplomatic studies from The Haifa University.
In the thesis track, graduates receive an MA degree in international relations from the Haifa University and an MA degree on international relations from the University of Warsaw.

About the University
At the University of Haifa, international students can choose from a wide range of programs in English, in subjects such as Israel studies, business management, national security, archaeology and more. These tracks combine theoretic courses and research with hands on projects and tours.

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