MA in peace and conflict management studies at The University of Haifa

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MA in peace and conflict management studies at The University of Haifa - for international students

At The university of Haifa, international students can take part in an MA program in peace studies and conflict management. This program is studied in English and is especially designed for international students.
During their studies, students can focus on both international and regional aspects of conflict resolution and understand the many different aspects involved in managing disputes in the local and global arena.
This is a multi-disciplinary program that allows students to explore relevant social, psychological, political, and historical aspects of conflict resolution in the Middle East. Using these tools, they can study innovative peacemaking strategies between nations and societies today.

Study program
Students in the MA in peace studies gain a broad understanding of theory as well as develop practical tools regarding conflict management in a regional perspective. They study different cultural, religious, and ethnic conflicts in the local and international field. In addition, they examine the way trans-border, civil ad domestic disputes are connected and affect each other.
One of the main issues students focus on is the Arab - Israeli conflict. They study different facets of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as disputes with Iran and other issues in the Middle East area.
During the international graduate program they can get to know strategies for dealing with conflicts and successfully managing them.

Structure and duration
This program includes a thesis track and a non-thesis track. Students in the non-thesis track can complete their studies in one year.
Students take part in theoretic courses (mandatory and elective), seminars and a practicum in peacemaking organizations. In addition, they participate in activities such as field trips, decision making simulations, workshops, guest lectures and more. Through this wide range of activities, they can get a closer look at local and regional conflict resolution processes and get acquainted with relevant dilemmas.


Ethics of war
Multi track diplomacy
Peacekeeping operations
Media in peace management
Resolving intergroup conflicts
Conflict resolution in the community

Reconciliation and conflict resolution
Diverse societies and collective identities

Dr. Keren Sharvit, the head of the program, is a researcher whose work focuses on psychological and social aspects of intense intergroup conflicts. She also studies topics such as emotion regulation; ideologies and beliefs in conflict situations; victims and perpetrators in violent situations and more.

Admission requirements to this program include the following:
BA with a GPA of 3.0 and above )80% in the Israeli system)
Copy of diploma and official transcript
2 recommendations from academic faculty
Personal essay or statement of purpose of 500 - 750 words
CV - resume
Advantage to thise with work experience in human rights organizations, peacemaking organizations and similar relevant institutions.
TOEFL score - when applicable. Candidates must achieve a score of 570 in the paper-based test, 89 in the web exam or 230 in the computerized test.

Candidates whose undergraduate degree does not include the required introductory courses in social sciences must complete two courses prior to their master studies. These courses include a course in psychology, sociology, political science or anthropology, and a course in statistics and research methods.

Upon completing their studies graduates receive an M.A. degree in peace studies and conflict management from the University of Haifa.

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