Green GMBA at University of Haifa

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Global Green MBA at the University of Haifa


As a leader, expect the future


Environmental issues have huge impact on our lives and they are always seemed to be linked with financial interests. Just think about the controversy around fracking or global warming. Furthermore, sustainability and green resources are becoming inseparable of the business world, as more and more companies either use or produce environment friendly products – from paper to power plants, from clothes to irrigation systems. Tomorrow's business executives will need to know how to incorporate managerial skills with green issues.


The Green MBA Program


University of Haifa offers a special MBA track – Green MBA - in which students will benefit from comprehensive business administration studies, courses regarding green issues and more. Students will have to choose a couple of electives and an applied final project in an ecological subject of their choice, such as: water resource management, renewable energy or corporate responsibility.


Studies Structure


This all-English Master program is designed to be completed in one year (10 consecutive months). Classes are held twice a week – half day in the middle of the week and on Friday mornings. Students must successfully complete 20 core courses, 2 electives and a final project.


Students who wish to complete a thesis must find an advisor and write a proposal during their year of studies. The thesis will be completed in the following year. Only students with a GPA of 85 or above may choose the thesis track.


Also, students may choose crash courses in Hebrew or in Arabic during their studies (the costs are not included in the tuition).




* Managerial Economics
* Marketing
* Information Systems
* Environmental Law
* Managing Organizations
* Business Strategy
* Environmental Impact Assessments
* Environmental Management
* Natural Resources Management


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The faculty at University of Haifa includes: a member whose researches on waste management and energy policy led to several actions by the Israeli government; a leading environmental engineering expert who took part in international initiatives such as The Ecosystem Service Partnership and The Ocean Health Index; an expert on the allocation of water resources and hydrodynamics; and more.




Candidates of the Green MBA track must submit their undergraduate degree and need to have a GPA of 3.0 (80) or above. Applicants must additionally submit their GMAT scores. If a candidate has strong background in the area – a graduate degree in a relevant field or extensive work experience - he or she may ask for a GMAT exemption. Non native English speakers will be asked to pass an English proficiency exam. The acceptance process also includes an interview.


Academic Diploma


Graduates receive an MBA with a specialization in Sustainability from University of Haifa.

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