M.Sc. in marine biology at the university of Haifa

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M.Sc. in marine biology at the University of Haifa - for international students

At the University of Haifa, international students who wish to broaden the scientific knowledge and take a deep dive into the world of aquatic research can participate in the M.Sc. program in marine biology. In this program Israeli and international students study together, the courses are conducted in English.
During the graduate studies in the department of marine biology student learn about a wide range of ecological and biological processes in the marine world. The research and analysis encompass many levels, from single cells to vast oceans.

Study program
In the department of marine biology, student take part in advanced research that focuses on processes in the aquatic environment. They study the different biochemical, molecular and physiological processes that occur on different levels of organisms and cells as well as in whole populations in sea environments. As part of their research and studies they are exposed to technologies, analytical methods and scientific tools used by marine researchers today. They also focus on processes unique to the Mediterranean and the Israeli coastline.
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Structure and duration
The duration of this program is 2 years. It is conducted in a thesis track.
Courses are combined with research of marine lifeforms and other academic activities such as dives, cruises, lab work and more. Students take part in experimental projects at sea in which they implement analytical and theoretical tools they learn. They can practice making use of different technologies such as GIS systems, optical and acoustic tools and more.
As part of their thesis, students choose an instructor from the academic faculty in the department.
Work on the thesis includes several stages, among them are independent research and assistance from instructors in creating the thesis topic. In addition, they take part in departmental seminars in which they present their research to researchers in other departments and contribute to new ideas and processes. They also present their thesis in a master seminar as part of the mandatory courses.
Here are several of the mandatory and elective courses included in the program:
The Mediterranean
Rocky shore ecology
Methods in bioinformatics
Aquatic system symbiosis
Biochemical oceanography
Development processes and biological regulation

Admission requirements for this master’s program include:
B.Sc. degree in life sciences from accredited universities
Average undergraduate grade of 85 and above
Undergraduates of fields other than life sciences are required to take part in complementary courses, as instructed by the department committee or head. In some cases, these complimentary studies may span 1 year, in which an average of 85 is required.

Graduates receive an M.Sc. degree in marine biology from the University of Haifa.

About the university
At the University of Haifa, students can also find an international masters in maritime geosciences that focuses on processes in oceans and water bodies. The international graduate programs are offered in many other fields such as social sciences, humanities, and business administration. In these different tracks, students can deepen their academic skills and research abilities whilst getting to know the Israeli experience.

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