International MA in child development at The University of Haifa

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MA in Child Development for International Students at The University of Haifa

The University of Haifa offers an international MA program in child development. This graduate program is aimed at professionals with experience working with children and families, who wish to broaden their skillset and learn about innovative solutions for influencing the will-being of children.
This is an international program studied in English and it is suitable for students from various countries interested in studying in Israel. The main goal of this track is improving the lives of children around the globe, especially in the developing world.

Study program
Students in this program focus on present day issues concerning child development. They learn about relevant aspects of children’s physical, emotional and social development as well as issues concerning parent-child relationships and the family circle. They put special emphasis on current issues in the developing world and learn how they can help improve children’s lives in their home countries as part of their professional practice.

Structure and duration
The duration of this program is one year. It comprises of 3 semesters. The first two semesters are dedicated to coursework and the third to independent projects.
During their studies, students take part in theoretical courses and seminars. In addition, they must complete a final project supervised by faculty researchers.

Emerging literacy
Evaluation methods
Disability and quality of life
Child development research
Psychopathology and risk factors
Development across the life span
Statistics for development scientists
Relationships between caregivers and children

The head of this program is Professor Abraham Sagi - Schwartz, who’s research focuses on child and parent relationships, children with developmental risks and the effects of day care on children’s development.
The Academic coordinator is Dr. Efrat Cher - Censor, a researcher studying different representations of children and parents and the way these affect interactions. She focuses on children at risk and families from ethnic minorities.

Admission requirements to this program include:
Accredited undergraduate BA degree in relevant disciplines such as social work, speech pathology, occupational therapy, nursing, psychology, physical therapy, early life education, medicine.
GPA of 80% (3.0 and above)
Transcript of diploma
3 years of experience of relevant work with children and families, with preference to those with sufficient experience in leadership positions
A statement of purpose - 500 words
A personal history statement of up to 500 words
Students who studied in languages other than English may be required to English proficiency exams.

Upon completing their studies, graduates receive a Master of Arts (MA) in child development from The University of Haifa.

About the university
International students can find many more programs in English at The University of Haifa. The university offers graduate tracks in English in fields such as health system management, Israeli studies, Middle East studies, business administration, diplomacy, security and more. These tracks are designed especially for international students from around the globe and allow them to broaden their academic horizons while taking part in the Israeli experience.

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