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MA in Israel studies at The University of Haifa - for international students
At The University of Haifa, students can take part in a master program in Israel studies in English. The program is suitable for both international students and Israeli students, it is conducted in English. The students studying at The University of Haifa come from a wide range of groups including Jews, Muslims, Christians, Bedouin, and others who study together.
This MA in Israel studies program allows students to expand their knowledge of the Israeli experience. Students can learn about a wide range of historical, social, and political issues related to Israel and Judaism.
The scholarly interest in Israeli history and society is on the rise lately. In Israel, many research centers focus on relevant issues and co-operate with institutes around the globe. These academic connections help enrich the discourse on Israeli and Judaic studies.

Study program
During their studies, student learn various important topics in Jewish and Israeli history, society, and politics, as well as relevant issues in the Middle East. They can focus on historical and present-day issues regarding Israeli society, the state of Israel and the diaspora.
The courses are sub divided into three categories:
History of the state of Israel and Zionism
Jewish diasporas in the twentieth century
Contemporary Israel - culture, law, sociology, and minorities in Israel today

Structure and duration
This program spans one year and includes 3 semesters.
Students can choose between a thesis track (track A) and a non-thesis track (Track B) with a final exam. The thesis track is suitable for those who intend on continuing to doctoral studies and taking part in research.

Here are a few of the courses studied in the program:
Arab - Jewish relations
Jews in the Middle Ages
Israeli society and politics
Israeli cinema and television
Women in rabbinic literature
The holocaust in Polish culture
Nationalism and Israeli archaeology

The head of the program, Dr. Judith Bronstein, is a researcher who focuses on the crusade movement and published a book on this subject, as well as numerous academic papers. Her current research deals with medieval culture and its impact on the building of the Jewish nation.

Candidates interested in applying must comply with the following requirements:
Undergraduate degree in social science or the humanities from recognized universities in Israel or abroad
GPA of 3.0 or above (80%)
An official transcript of the degree and copy of diploma
TOEFL exam when applicable
Two recommendations from academic faculty members
Personal essay or statement of interest 500 - 750 words
CV - resume
Those who do not hold a BA in history will be required to study relevant courses.

Graduates receive a mater degree (MA) in Israel studies and a certificate of specialization in Israel studies and twentieth century Jewish history.
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About the university
The University of Haifa offers various international master degree programs conducted in English, in fields such as social sciences, the humanities, business, science and more. Among these tracks are international programs in archaeology, Holocaust studies, diplomacy, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, national security and many more.

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