MPA in public administration at the University of Haifa

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MPA in public administration at The University of Haifa - for international students

The MPA in public administration, public management and policy studies at The University of Haifa is an international Executive program studied in English. In this track, managers can broaden their academic horizons and gain hands-on experience in policy making in the public sector.
Students in this international program learn how to manage public organizations in today’s competitive and challenging business environment. They study relevant economic, political and social aspects that have impact on the operation of governments and build practical skills they can use in their home countries in the future.

Study program
Students gain the theoretical tools required to understand the rational of public organization management. They put emphasis on tool used to analyze public policy and manage organizations and institutions.
During their studies, students gain practical tools for decision making, political and economic analysis and policy design. They examine relevant dynamics in the local and global field and focus on innovation and leadership skills in public organizations.
They pay special attention to the way these various skills interact and gain an integrative point of view regarding situations and dilemmas in their field.

Structure and duration
This international master program spans one year (March - February) and contains three consecutive semesters: spring, summer, and winter of the following year. Courses are given one day a week.
This is a non-thesis track that includes a final project and practicum. Students must score at least 76 in their project as well as an average of 60 in all courses.

Here are some of the courses studied in this program:
Public policy
Administrative law
Political economics
Organizational theory
Performance evaluation
Strategy and innovation
Capitalism and democracy

The program director and academic advisor, Professor Dana Vashdi, Is a researcher who focuses on issues of team management and teamwork. She also studies management of health policy and healthcare organizations and the subject of employee wellbeing and excellence.

In order to apply to this track, candidates must comply with the following:
Undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 and above (80%)
Diploma copy and official BA transcript
1 year of experience in management
Resume (CV)
2 recommendations
A statement of purpose up to 1’500 words describing personal and professional experience and reasoning foe pursuing a master’s degree in public administration
Video interview
When required - TOEFL score. Candidates who studied their BA not in the English language must provide a score of 570 (paper-based test), 230 (computer-based test) or 89 (web-based test) in the TOEFL English proficiency exam.
Please note that further documents may also be required.

Graduates receive an MPA master’s degree in public administration from The University of Haifa.

About the university
At The University of Haifa, international students can participate in a wide range of programs in English. These include master tracks in business administration, Jewish studies, Israel studies, Middle East and Islam, Diplomacy and more. These programs combine theoretic and practical courses, projects, and workshops to equip students with important skills for promoting their careers and academic paths.

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