Double major sustainability and government at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)

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Sustainability and Government Double Major (B.A.) at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)


At Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), international students can take part in a double major program in government and sustainability. This program provides students with an advantage in a wide range of career paths in the private and public field in which expertise in sustainability is required.
Students in this program develop practical skills needed in the social and economic arenas in Israel and abroad. They learn about current and relevant issues in energy, city planning, water resources, green-tech and more. This knowledge can provide an advantage in NGOs, government ministries, clean-tech start-ups and other fields.



Study program
During their studies, students learn about policy and decision-making processes and discuss finding the balance between economic, environmental, and social issues in the international perspective. They develop a deep understanding of relevant social security considerations. In addition, they gain knowledge of sustainable business and political models as well as technological tools in innovation and entrepreneurship that can assist securing the future generations’ security and well-being.
The program includes updated new courses that deal with post-covid19 issues in the global arena. Students discuss how the pandemic affects economic, social and environmental issues worldwide.



Structure and duration
This double major program includes 6 semesters, students can earn a B.A degree in 3 years.
The program puts an emphasis on practical experience. Students take place in a practicum, internships, and workshops. Teaching methods include hands-on ICT experience and virtual reality. In addition, the program includes courses in collaboration with key figures from Israeli government, business sector and academia.
During the senior year, students take part in a practicum (capstone project) on various topics in sustainability. The aim of this project is to assist students in opening career opportunities in entrepreneurial start-ups and clean-tech organizations, as well as sustainability expert positions in the private sector.



Here are several courses included in the double major program:
Sustainable energy
Conflict resolution
International politics
Earth system science
Big data and sustainability
Environmental economics
Society and climate change
Corporate social responsibility
The peace process and Arab - Israeli conflict



Faculty includes renowned researchers and entrepreneurs. Among the faculty members’ areas of interest are: climate change, energy policy, sustainable development, environmental and ecological economics, urban and industrial ecology, clean technologies and many more.



Admission requirements include:
- High-school diploma and transcript
- Resume (CV)
- 2 letters of recommendation
- Personal essay (250 - 500 words) concerning candidate’s reasons for choosing the program and university
- English proficiency - test scores when required



Students receive a B.A undergraduate degree upon completing all requirements in this program.


At the Raphael Recanati International School students from around the world can take part in various undergraduate and graduate degree programs conducted in English. some of the double undergraduate major programs available include business and economics, entrepreneurship and computer science or entrepreneurship and business. In addition, single-major tracks are offered in psychology, business management, communications and more. The Recanati International School is Israel’s biggest international school with over 2000 students from 90 countries.


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