B.A. in Business Administration at The College of Law and Business

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B.A. in Business Administration at The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan
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The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan offers an undergraduate degree in business administration that is conducted in English and suitable for international students who wish to study in Israel. This B.A. program aims to prepare students for management and leadership roles in the global market and provides critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for business leaders today.
This program puts emphasis on innovation and allows students to acquire skills necessary for engaging with the global entrepreneurship arena. Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation”, and this is reflected in the B.A. program which provides international students with a chance to get acquainted with the Israeli innovation eco-system and take part in projects and workshops in co-operation with the tech industry.


Study program
This program provides students with a wide skillset necessary for business management in the global arena. The program is conducted in a Student-Centered Learning method that puts an emphasis on the development of its students and on building their ability to deal with contemporary challenges in business.
In addition, studies include the “Start Up Nation” program that focuses on innovation, sustainability, and technology. In this program, students take part in developing new ventures in the college’s Eco-Hub Incubator. Students can interact with global tech companies operating in Israel and take part in various projects during their final year of studies.
Moreover, the college operates the [email protected] tech incubator in cooperation with Ramat Gan Municipality. This incubator provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed for starting a new start-up. Each year, between 6-8 start-ups are selected for a mentoring program, that spans 6 months. Each project works with a small group of students, under mentorship from the tech industry.



The acting Dean of Business School, Dr. Shmuel Cohen, holds a doctorate in finance and specializes in the fields of financial theory and the Israeli capital markets. Doctor Cohen is an experienced lecturer in Israeli academic institution. In addition, he has expertise in corporate consultation and financial management in the Israeli market.
The Business School faculty comprises renowned researchers whose areas of research include international management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, decision making, managerial leadership, and more.



Academic diploma
Upon completing their studies, students receive a B.A. degree (undergraduate) in business administration from The College of Law and Business.



About the college
The College of Law and Business (CLB), located in the city of Ramat Gan in central Israel, strives to provide its students with the skills necessary for filling key roles in the industry. Other academic programs conducted in English are the bilingual LL.B. degree in law, and the double major track in law and business administration. The college also offers programs in Hebrew (such as in accounting, law, management, and more).


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