MA in Global Migration and Policy at Tel-Aviv University

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MA in Global Migration and Policy at Tel-Aviv University for International Students

The world in motion


In an era where borders are fading, migration is becoming one of the most influential processes in the shaping of society. Conflicts and poverty force people to leave their countries and seek a new home. These processes are the focus of researchers and politicians alike, as they seek to understand migration patterns and formulate social, legal and financial policy.

Students that want to delve into current international issues can study in the international MA in global migration and policy at Tel-Aviv University and open a fascinating discussion on migration today. This program, which is taught in English, is best suitable for students with professional and academic educational and activist background that want to make a difference in policy worldwide. The international program prepares its student for a wide variety of career paths in diplomacy, government offices, non-governmental organizations, the media and social entrepreneurship. Graduates of the thesis track can also continue to doctoral studies.

Study program

During this international master's track, students learn about various theoretical perspectives and professional principals that deal with migration. They discuss topics such as citizenship policies, the integration between migration and the labor market, ethnic identification in "second generations" and legal aspects of asylum and refugees. They also review different practices in development of humanitarian aid.

Structure and duration

This program is designed to be completed in two years. Students can choose to study in a thesis track or in a track without a thesis. During their studies, they gain hands on experience through workshops and practical fieldwork that allow them to specialize in aspects of migration according to their professional and personal preference.

They also have a chance to take part in an exchange program with universities that are affiliated with Tel-Aviv University, and spend a semester abroad. In addition, they can study another language; the university allows them to choose between Hebrew courses, Arabic courses, Yiddish courses and English courses.


Theories in migration
Comparative citizenship regimes
Civil society and migration
Identity, language and migration
Migration and media
Fortified frontiers and globalized flows
Attitudes towards immigrants
Ethical and legal perspective on refugees

Admission requirements

This program is open to candidates that have completed an undergraduate degree (BA) in fields such as international relations, political science, business, law, anthropology, history, sociology or philosophy. The minimum grade average is 80. In addition, they are required to hand in their CV, a letter of recommendation, their grade in the IELTS or TOEFL English proficiency test and a personal essay (statement of purpose).


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Upon completing this program successfully, graduates receive a master's degree (MA) in global migration and policy from Tel-Aviv University.


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