International Business Management Studies in Israel For B.A.

  In Israel you will find a mixture of cultures and environments to work with. It is an excellent experience to whoever wants to learn how to handle organizations and businesses around the globe.


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Business Administartion and Management Studies - Undergraduate Programs in Israel


You'll Manage Everywhere


Business Administration Studies can open a world of possibilities for you. You will find out about the different types of organizations and different methods of management, of global changes and economic theories, of ways to motivate people and the guidelines for effective marketing. The studies are stepping stones to your future career as you can benefit from them in almost every role and place of work.


Study Programs
All universities and many of the colleges in Israel offer undergraduate programs in Business & Management. There are semester or yearlong programs for visiting students, and in some places even full academic tracks. The duration of the latter is usually three years.




Business Administration Studies include classes in economy, math and accounting. During the studies you will get the chance to decide which fields interest you, and take classes in marketing, NGO and NPO management, HR, finance etc. 
The curriculum includes classes in:
* Math (statistics, calculus)
* Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
* Corporate Law
* Information Systems (elective)
* Marketing
* HR Management
* Introduction to Accounting


Admission Requirements


The requirements for acceptance differ in each school. In case you did not complete your high school studies at an English speaking country you will have to pass an English proficiency test, such as TOEFL. You should score higher than 550 in TOEFL or its equivalents. Also, most schools will take under consideration your high school grades especially in math and English. High SAT (or another standardized test) scores are also a plus, but most colleges accept applicants without them. However, the Israeli psychometric test or the SAT is a must at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, and applicants are required to submit their scores in such tests.


Academic Institutions


IDC Herzliya – offers two tracks for B.A. degrees, Finance and Marketing. The IDC holds conventions and seminars that include high profile Israeli politicians and business executives. 

Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) Machon Lev in Jerusalem is attended by Jewish men only, and incorporates business and religious studies. The Machon (institute in Hebrew) offers an equivalent program at Machon Tal for religious Jewish women. Both institutes are popular among religious Jews from around the world who consider making 'Aliyah'.
Ramat Gan's College of Law and Business – Offers four majors in: Marketing, Finance, Organizational Behavior and Operations Management.

Tel Aviv University - holds a semesterial Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Program. The track incorporates theoretical studies regarding Israeli economy and business entrepreneurship as well as real life experience at leading Israeli companies.


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - offers every semester a number of evening business administration courses in English. These classes give information and insight about subjects such as: stock markets, economic growth in the Far East, management strategies, marketing of new products, communicational skills, etc.
The College of Management - COMAS (Rishon LeZion) – This is one of the biggest and oldest business schools in Israel. Many courses are taught in English, so that students from abroad can spend a semester or a year of their B.A. in this college. Generally, it offers five majors: Finance and Capital Market, Business Technologies, Marketing and Advertising, Marketing and Business Technologies (evening program) and B.A. in Accounting. 


Work Options


The work opportunities for holders of Business & Management degrees are countless. The reason is simple, almost everywhere, in every field, businesses and organizations, big and small, are looking for good managers. 
Many students choose a track of a double major; B.A students that would choose to study computer science or information systems are more likely to become project managers or product managers. Students that specialized in marketing could find work at PR or advertising firms. Students that completed seminars in finance are more likely to find work at banks, investment houses or insurance companies.


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