LL.B. and Business Administration Double Degree at IDC Herzliya

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Undergraduate Double-Degree Program in Law and Business Administration at IDC Herzliya


A Lawyer and a Businessman


The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya offers a unique international program that allows you to earn a double degree in Law and Business Administration in only four years. You learn the basics of each field and then choose to delve in special subjects of business, Israeli law or international law.


Study Program


Students of this international undergraduate program who specialize in business learn about finance, real estate, marketing and information systems. Those who choose to deepen their knowledge in law get introduced with the Israeli system or gain insight into the international business and corporate law.


Do note you must take several classes in Hebrew. While there are many courses in business administration in English (both core and electives), several mandatory classes in law are taught only in Hebrew.


IDC Herzliya provides students with chances to gain practical experience in law clinics (legal aid) or in private companies that offer internship opportunities to students of the college.


Program's Structure


IDC Herzliya's Law program is a four year program in which students study two semesters each year. In order to receive a B.A. in business administration in addition to a law degree students have to complete an additional semester that is usually studied during the summer, before the beginning of the fourth and final year.




* Constitutional Law
* Criminal Law
* International Law
* Family Law
* Contract law
* Law and Business of Corporate Governance
* Property Law
* Jewish Law
* European Business law
* International Intellectual Property Law
* Investment Theory
* Marketing Strategy
* The Capital Market in Israel
* Entrepreneurship in Hi-Tech




Students who will not complete their LL.B. studies will not receive a B.A. in business administration even in case they have completed all the courses required for the business administration degree.


Keep in mind that in order to practice law in Israel, LL.B. graduates must pass the bar exam and complete a year of practical experience.




IDC Herzliya Law and Business Schools boast in its faculty members, including: the former president of the Israeli Supreme Court; a former minister; founders of leading Israeli corporates; and more. Most of the Professors taught abroad in leading schools, such as - Columbia University, Northwestern University and Harvard Law School.




Applicants must submit their high school diploma, two letters of recommendation and a personal essay in their application forms. Students are expected to have excellent skills in both English and Hebrew. Hebrew and / or English proficiency tests are usually required.


Academic Diploma


Graduates of the double degree track will receive a Law LL.B. degree and a B.A. in Business Administrating from IDC Herzliya.


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