Sammy Ofer School of Communications at IDC Herzliya

Sammy Ofer School of Communications - The school offers undergraduate programs in digital communications and the internet, political and marketing communications, and television studies

International B.A. in Communications at IDC Herzliya
Mass Media Revisited
The 21th century introduces us with many new platforms and routs of communication, which in their turn create new technological environments and more sophisticated influence arenas and audiences. This is why students of communications should have all the means to begin participating in the changing public sphere while learning.
IDC Herzliya's Sammy Ofer School of Communications offers an international undergraduate track for students who wish to experience practical work and theoretical background in the field of mass communication. In the campus you will find TV and radio stations, editing rooms, computer labs and a virtual reality center.
Study Program
The Communications undergraduate program includes many theoretical courses that focus on advertising, social psychology, the interaction between culture and media, news coverage and more. From the first year students are required to take part in practical workshops in the IDC's TV and radio studios. They practice in fields such as: PR and Advertising, Cross Media, Journalism, TV Editing or TV News Coverage.
Optional Tracks
In IDC Herzliya's international B.A. program in communications students must choose their field of expertise. There are three available options:
Interactive Communications – the track deals with main issues related to the new media platforms, such as: persuasion, identity, privacy and more.
Persuasive Communication – students will learn how to design a strategy that will deliver an effective message to voters or consumers.
Visual Content - the participants will focus mainly on creating and analyzing visual content for television, internet and mobile platforms.
Program's Structure
The Communications B.A. program in IDC Herzliya is designed to be completed in three years (six semesters). As stated, the studies include both theoretical and practical elements. There are several mandatory classes in English while electives might be in either English or Hebrew (the list of courses changes every year).

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* Producing News Content

* Communication, History and Society
* Political Communication
* Television and Sexuality
* Cinematography
* Designing a Web Product
* Journalism
* Characterizing a Mobile Device
* PR and Spokesmanship
* Propaganda
* The Psychology of the Internet
* Social Media Marketing
* Screenwriting
Sammy Offer School of Communication faculty include leading members of Israeli media research including: an author whose books were published by Oxford and Cambridge universities; a former lecturer in New York University; past managers of Israeli media companies; former director of political campaigns; and several experts on conflict, war and news coverage.

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All students must submit their high school diploma and standardized test (such as the SAT) scores. Candidates who are not native English speakers must take an English proficiency test such as TOEFL. The program includes several mandatory classes in English.
Academic Diploma
Graduates of the program will receive a B.A. in Communications from IDC Herzliya. 


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