Computer Science Studies in Israel

 In Israel you can hear people speak in two of the oldest languages in the world, but you can also converse with them in Java, Python, C Sharp and more.


Here you can find details on Computer Science undergraduate track in Israel, intended for students like you, who come from all around the world.


Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science (CS)
What will the world look like tomorrow?
Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo or Intel - each company changed the world around us. Whether you aim to program the next social network, search engine or game, design websites or even computers, CS studies will help achieve such goals.
What is there to learn?
Intended for visiting students from abroad, CS Programs in Israel not only broaden their knowledge of technological tools, but also provide them with a managerial perspective. Accordingly, the graduates of these tracks can take charge of innovative projects, directing software development processes or leading the introduction of new products or applications to the market.
From another angle, the studies include insights about the use of computerized systems for optimizing business management activities. Also, academic institutions in Israel aim to get their students a taste of the 'real world', and for this reason, they hold conventions and seminars with Tech executives, as well as special "career fairs".
Computer Science programs combine theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The duration of the studies is usually 3 to 4 years. Your curriculum will include classes in:
* Math
* Algorithms and Complexity
* Operating Systems
* Programming Languages
* Data Bases
* Networks
Elective courses in CS include:
* Graphics
* Electronics
* Artificial Intelligence
* Information Security
Getting Into CS Programs
Applying to CS studies in Israel, you will have to submit your high school diploma and transcript. If you've already completed one year of college or university, you'll have to hand in a high school diploma and a transcript of your higher education studies. In addition, all applicants are asked to bring with them two recommendation letters from teachers, employers or counselors. Candidates from the United States have to take the SAT or ACT test. If they graduated freshman year in college with distinction, they may request to be exempted from this exam.  
Academic Institutions
The IDC College (Herzliya) is currently the only academic institution that offers a complete track in English. At the IDC you can study in a 3 year undergraduate program or learn in a double degree with entrepreneurship. CS students may apply for the Zell Entrepreneurship Program or other affiliates projects, such as internships and career days.


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