Study in B.Sc. Programs in Israel

Israel is developing, and you can take part in the building of new technologies, designed to enhance medical services, protect nature and make life easier.


Prepare yourself for new evolving industries and for research in prestigious organizations. Read about international B.Sc. tracks in Israeli academic institutions. 

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Engineering B.Sc. Studies in Israel


Israel Is Developing


In Israel, all universities and several private colleges offer undergraduate programs for B.Sc. degrees. Engineering is a massive and varied area. In recent years the most popular areas were those that have to do with computers and programming as well as the biotechnology and biomedical ones. The reason is the growing demand for professionals of these areas in Israeli and international companies. However, other fields of expertise are seeing growing demand such as civil and environmental engineering and materials and nano-technology engineering.


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Study Programs


Usually, the duration of B.Sc. studies in engineering is four years. Most of the first two years of B.Sc. studies in engineering are dedicated to general subjects shared by all engineering students. By the end of the second year you will have to choose a track and take the rest of your courses in accordance to the specialization. Among the tracks: mechanical eng., chemical eng., nuclear eng., electrical and computer eng., Information System eng., etc. All programs require participation in practical labs during the studies and handing in a final project. 




Among the classes:


* Physics

* Bioelectronics

* Electro Optics

* Mathematics
* Fluid Mechanics
* Thermodynamics
* Signal Processing
* Strength of Materials
* Industrial Automation
* Hydraulic Engineering
* Manufacturing Processes
* Graphical Engineering Information
Getting Into Engineering Programs
All institutions require standardized test (SAT or ACT or AST or Gau Kao), with SAT scores of 1400 or higher (or their equivalent in other tests). If you are not a native English speaker you must take an English proficiency test such as TOEFL. Your TOEFL score needs to be 580 or above. All institutions also take into account your high school average, and special attention is given to your grades in math and physics.
Academic Institutions
Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology (Haifa) - offers a B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering program in English. Another option is The Freshman Year of Engineering and Science Program. In this program, students can take math and science classes in English during their first year of studies. Afterwards they either complete the next three years of study in Hebrew at the Technion or finish their studies at their home countries.
Tel Aviv University - offers an English program in Electrical and Electronics engineering (B.Sc.). The faculty takes pride in preparing its students for R&D positions in both Israeli and international high-tech industries.
ORT Braude College (Karmiel, Galilee) - offers a study abroad program which invites engineering students from around the world to study a year in Israel. All classes are in English. The program suites 3rd-year students and the courses studied in this track are recognized by several US engineering schools. 





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