M.Sc. in Plant Science at Tel-Aviv University

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M.Sc. Plant science with an emphasis in food safety at Tel-Aviv University

Building a sustainable world

As a hot and arid country, Israel has developed some of the most innovative technological solutions in the field of plant science and crop production. From advanced ways to grow plants where water is scarcely found to cutting edge developments to secure food quality and nutritional values, Israeli researchers are known around the globe and are assisting the farming industry in many countries.

At Tel-Aviv University, students can participate in a Master's program for M.Sc. in plant science that puts a strong emphasis on food safety and security. This track aims at outstanding students that are enthusiastic about agriculture and allows them to get academic knowledge and practical tools that can assist them in creating a more sustainable future in their home countries.

Study program

This is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to study about a variety of aspects in plant biology. They study about the cellular, molecular and organism levels and discuss the interaction between plants and the environment. They focus on food safety and security and agricultural processes in arid areas.


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Duration and structure

This study track spans around 18 months, students that choose the thesis track have an additional year dedicated to research. The program is taught entirely in English.

This program combines theoretic courses with hands on experience in agriculture, that allows the students to gain practical experience and get to know the various agricultural techniques used in Israel.

As part of the collaboration between Tel-Aviv University and the Arava International Center for Agricultural Training, students can participate in an internship and receive tuition assistance. They get the opportunity to live at a local moshav - an agricultural village in the Arava area in the south of Israel.


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Structure of plant roots
Plant biology
Response to abiotic stress
Food security
Marine biology
Bioethics and Biotechnology

Admission requirements

This program is open to candidates that hold a bachelor's degree in plant science and related fields with a GPA of 80 or 3.0 and above. Students that are interested in studying in the thesis track are required to find an advisor before the start of the program.


Students that successfully complete all the requirements in this program receive a master's degree M.Sc. in Plant Science from Tel-Aviv University. If they complete the thesis track, they may continue to PhD tracks in related fields.

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