MA TESOL at Tel-Aviv University - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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MA TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Tel-Aviv University

Teaching the language of the world

English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide today. It is the language of the internet, of the business sector and of the media. Fluency in English is becoming a necessary skill from an early age and in Israel this language is taught from elementary school. Many organizations and institutions also stress the importance of knowledge in English and strive to help employees speak and write confidently and professionally.

At Tel-Aviv University, international students can take part in the MA track for teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). This international master's program prepares them for various career opportunities in the English teaching field in Israel and around the globe. They can occupy many different teaching and instruction positions, such as in schools, in higher education, and in the business sector. Graduates can also research English learning methods and devise new programs for successfully teaching English to a wide variety of audiences.

Study program

Students discuss various processes of language acquisition and get to know many different teaching methods that are aimed at teaching English as a second language. In addition, they learn about different aspects of multilingualism in today's global society. They are also provided with tools for developing new and innovative teaching methods.


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Structure and duration

This track spans 3 semesters. It is taught in English and designed especially for international students. A thesis track is available for those who wish to continue to PhD tracks in the future.

Students combine academic classes with practical experience in education that takes place in Israeli schools. The program also includes field trips and other extracurricular activities.


Pedagogical grammar
Research methods for language teaching
Bilingualism and second language acquisition
Israeli educational context
Material development and curriculum design
Linguistic models
Teaching literature in English classes
Linguistic aspects of immigration
Language assessment and testing
Teaching English to learners with ADHD

Admission requirements

Candidates are required to show a bachelor's degree with a GPA of 80 or above (3.0 on a scale of 4.0). This track is open to students with no previous background in teaching. They need to present 2 letters of recommendation from academic or professional sources and hand in a professional essay and their resume. A grade in an English proficiency exam (TOEFL or IELTS) is also required.


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Graduates of this program receive a MA degree from Tel-Aviv University. In order to teach English in public schools, a teaching certificate is required.


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