International M.Sc. Track in Cyber Security at Ben-Gurion University

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Cyber Security M.Sc. Program at Ben-Gurion University


Commercial and Military Hackers, Beware!


The world is full of cyber criminals – thieves of personal identities and financial information or hackers who wish to reveal state or business secrets. In July 2014, during Operation Protective Edge, several Israeli commercial, news and state-official websites have been hacked as part of the fight against the State of Israel. Such cases were a reminder to the important role of cyber security.


Cyber security specialists protect more than websites; they also protect bank databases that hold financial information of millions of people, or military software that could cause huge destruction if it were in the wrong hands. As the world becomes increasingly more hi-tech, the role of these professional is becoming exponentially more important.


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Study Program


Ben-Gurion University offers a M.Sc. in Information Systems with specialization in Cyber Space Security. The program was developed in cooperation with IDF and civic experts in order to ensure that the classes offered in this program meet the actual needs of the military and civic defense sectors. Students must complete eight courses as well as a thesis. Electives in other systems engineering subjects are also available.


Studies Structure


The Master's program is designed to be completed in two years (four semesters). All classes are in English.




* Cryptography
* Network Security
* Operation Systems Security
* Attacks detection
* System Security Engineering
* Security Aware Development




The faculty at Ben-Gurion University includes: a professor who was a session chair in NATO's research workshop for security informatics and terrorism on the web; an accomplished author and expert on data leakage prevention and detection who also co-developed several patents regarding online user privacy; a fellow professor who has been declared a Distinguished Scientist by ACM (Association of Computing Machinery); and others.




Applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering or other relevant fields with a GPA of 80 (3.0) or above. Graduates of other fields of engineering may be accepted based on their GPA (should be higher than 85, 3.3), however, they are required to complete several courses before starting the program. Factors such as the candidates' professional experience are also taken into account.


In case students did not complete their undergraduate degree in an English speaking country or didn't complete the necessary English courses in their undergraduate studies, they are required to pass an English test.


Academic Diploma


Graduates receive a M.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering with specialization in Cyber Space Security from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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