MSc in Brain Science at Bar Ilan University

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MSc in Brain Science at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)

At Bar Ilan University, excellent students in science can participate in the M.Sc. graduate degree in brain science, conducted at the university’s Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center. This master’s track prepares students for cutting-edge research positions in the industry and in clinical environments.



Study program
Students in the master’s program in brain science acquire multidisciplinary training and practical research experience. The Gonda Brain Research Center at BIU offers various laboratories in which students can engage in clinical trials and conduct research using advanced technologies.
In addition, students take part in different academic activities, such as a department seminar, elective courses which provide an opportunity for expanding one’s knowledge in various advances research topics, and a short-term research project in one of the center’s laboratories.



Structure and duration
The duration of this program is two years. It comprises the following elements: a graduate thesis, and completion of courses.
The program is personalized to each student, based on their scientific interests and previous academic background. During their studies, students must complete supplementary courses based on their background, mandatory courses, and at least four core courses. In addition, they conduct research at the laboratories of the Center for Brain Sciences at BIU, and prepare a thesis based on that research.



Students must take at least one course from the following modules:
Computation –
- Signal and data analysis.
- Computational learning and neural networks.



Cognitive science –
- Brain and language.
- Brain and cognition in the twenty-first century.



Biology –
- Neurophysiology.
- Synaptic Neurochemistry.



This M.Sc. program is open to candidates who have excelled in their B.Sc. (undergraduate) studies in the following subjects: brain science, life sciences, computer science, physics, linguistics, psychology, engineering, mathematics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or communication disorders.
Candidates who begin their studies without the required previous academic background must enroll in several preparatory courses during the first year of studies. Preparatory courses are determined based on each candidate’s academic background and include the following: mathematics, neurobiology, python / MATLAB.



Academic diploma
Graduates are awarded an M.Sc. degree in brain science from Bar Ilan University.



About the university
Bar Ilan University offers various graduate programs that are suitable for both Israeli and international students, with studies taking place in English. These programs are suitable for students who aspire to develop their research skills while broadening their knowledge in relevant fields. In the sciences, the university offers master’s programs in life sciences, physics, and more. There are also programs in the humanities, business, and social sciences.


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