MA in Biblical Studies at Bar Ilan University

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MA in Biblical Studies at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)
The department of bible at Bar Ilan University offers an M.A. degree in biblical studies, which provides students with advanced tools for scientific research of the Hebrew Bible. This program is aimed at both Israeli and international students and is open to students from across the globe and from diverse faiths. Studies are conducted in a diverse environment and in an atmosphere of appreciation for the bible and its contribution to humanity.


Study program
Students at the department of biblical studies at BIU participate in critical study of the bible according to its original meaning. During their studies, they can choose to focus on any of the department’s various research specializations, such as traditional biblical interpretation, Jewish commentators, ancient translators, rabbinic sources, Second Temple literature, and Jewish commentators from the medieval or early modern eras. The department provides students with tools for linguistic, archaeological, historical, theological, and literary approaches to the biblical text.



Structure and duration
This master’s program, conducted in English, spans two years. Students can choose to begin their studies in March or October.
The M.A. track includes courses and seminars, those interested can also participate in field trips. These field trips are organized by the department of Land of Israel and Archaeology studies at Bar Ilan University, they expose students to different landscapes in Israel and allow them to gain an experiential approach to studying the land of the bible. The trips are not mandatory but are recognized as fulfilling academic requirements by the department.



Among the courses included in this program are:
- Biblical Hebrew.
- Wisdom literature.
- The Dead Sea scrolls.
- Second temple literature.
- War and peace in the bible.
- Jewish biblical commentaries.
- Ethics in the ancient near east.
- Computer applications in biblical research.



The department of bible faculty comprises renowned scholars of bible studies, who lead research in various fields, such as: biblical narrative, the history of biblical interpretation, ancient translations, textual criticism, the Masorah, and more.



Application requirements are as follows:
- An undergraduate (B.A.) degree from accredited institutions.
- A GPA of 3.0 and above.
- Professional CV.
- Letter of intent.
- Fluency in English – non-English speakers must provide proof of their English proficiency through submitting - - original test scores. Test scores must show one of the following criteria:
* A B2 CEFR level.
* TOEFL paper exam grade of 550, or TOEFL iBT (internet) exam grade of 79. All components must be in the B2 range.
* IELTS Academic grade of 6.5 and above, all components must be within the B2 range. The department does not accept IELTS general training.
Undergraduates whose B.A. degree is not in biblical studies are often required to participate in several supplementary B.A.-level courses in bible before commencing their graduate studies.



Academic diploma
Upon completion of their studies, graduates are awarded an M.A. degree in biblical studies from Bar Ilan University.


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