International Master's in Environmental Studies At Tel Aviv University

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Master's in Environmental studies MA at Tel-Aviv University

For a better world

Environmental crises are a burning problem worldwide today. From air pollution to deforestation, a wide range of issues occupies both researchers and government officials. One of the most prominent topics in the Middle East area concerns water, Israel is known worldwide as one of the biggest environmental technology developers.

At Tel-Aviv University, students can take part in an international program for MA in environmental studies. This program provides students from a wide range of fields with tools and insights concerning environmental and geopolitical issues. The track takes place at the Porter school of environmental studies that is known for its innovative research and promotion of public agenda concerning the environment. The program opens various career paths in international organizations, environmental consultation, research in think - tanks and other opportunities in the Industry and education fields.

Study program

Students discuss various environmental subjects and view Israel's environmental history. They discuss legal, scientific and political aspects of environmental activity and explore techniques to promote values of sustainability. This track puts special emphasis on the subject of water and students discuss subjects such as coastal rehabilitation, waste contamination and water management in areas of conflict.


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Duration and structure

This program is designed to be completed in one year; it is comprised of 3 semesters and is taught entirely in English. Outstanding students may apply for a thesis track. As part of the program students participate in courses, electives and seminars and take part in an internship program, a 4 month placement in government organizations and environmental organizations.


Environmental challenges in Israel
Business and sustainability
Cooperation and conflict in the Middle East
Cities and sustainability
Solid waste management
Globalization and the third world
Sustainable energy in the 21st century
Global warming
Sustainable development and environmental policy
Environmental economics

Admission requirements

In order to apply to this program candidates need an undergraduate degree with an average of 80 or above, the program is open to candidates from a variety of fields and a BA in environmental studies is not necessarily required. Applicants with an average of 75 - 80 may apply as well, with the consideration of an admissions committee.

In addition they are required to submit their grade in an English proficiency test (IELTS or TOEFL); the required grade is 230 in computer based exams or 575 for paper based exams.


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Graduates of this program receive a MA master's degree in environmental studies from Tel-Aviv University.


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