International Art Therapy MA Program at University of Haifa

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International MA Program in Art Therapy at University of Haifa


This program is currently unavailable


Colorful Recovery


Art is universal as it exists in all cultures, anywhere around the world. Although art was considered for centuries as a tool of self expression, only in recent decades it became a form of treatment. Art therapy was developed in order to help people who have difficulties expressing themselves verbally. With art therapy you can help people find their voice, help them to process traumas and guide them towards recovery. Currently, the University of Haifa is the only university in Israel to offer an M.A. in art therapy, in a program entirely in English.


Study Program


The M.A. track includes many theoretical classes in psychology and arts. In addition, students are required to complete 600 hours of practical experience. The practicum includes both group and individual supervision to students. University of Haifa's students take part in projects held in hospitals or children's day care centers as well as work with victims of terror, sexual abuse victims, prisoners, hospice residents and others. A list of available internship positions is published every few months.


Studies Structure


The program is designed to be completed in one full year (including a summer semester). All courses are in English but students need to have some background in Hebrew or take some Hebrew lessons in order to communicate with their patients. They must complete 600 hours of practicum in order to graduate.




* Psychotherapy
* Clinical Practice Ethics
* Sensory Attributes of Different Materials
* Helping Survivors of Child Abuse
* Parent-Child Dyadic Processes
* Multicultural Issues in a Group
* Drawing Tests as Diagnostic Measures




The faculty at University of Haifa includes: the vice president of the Israeli Association for Psychodrama; a renowned researcher who published more than one hundred scientific articles regarding the intergenerational transmission of trauma and child abuse; an expert on art therapy with autistic children; a researcher who specializes in therapy with adolescents; and others.




Applicants must submit their undergraduate degree transcripts and have a GPA of 80 (3.0) or above. Also, they should have some academic background in either psychology or arts. In case they did not study psychology or behavioral science they are required to complete several courses in these fields prior to starting their graduate studies. In addition, candidates have to hand in a portfolio with their art works, a personal essay and two letters of recommendation.


Academic Diploma


Graduates will receive an M.A. in Creative Arts Therapies with a specialization in Art Therapy from the University of Haifa.

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