MA Financial Economics at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)

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MA Financial Economics at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)


At Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), international students with a strong quantitative background can take part in the MA program in financial economics (MAFE). This program allows students to gain practical tools needed for coping with global challenges in the business-economic environment.
The knowledge and skills gained in this program can assist graduates in furthering their careers. Program graduates have filled leading positions in banks, finance organizations and businesses in Israel and abroad. Graduates can also choose to continue to PhD studies in economics and pursue research careers.



Study program
Students learn advanced relevant subjects in economics and finance. This program includes foundation courses, specializations and a final project or thesis.
During their foundation studies, students gain analytical tools and broaden their knowledge in financial issues.
Specialization topics include the following:
- Macroeconomics
- Corporate finance
- Financial markets
- Fintech and data analytics
- Banking and monetary policy



Structure and duration
This full-time program spans 14 months. The program comprises 6 mini semesters with 2-week exam periods between them. Classes are held in 2 evening on weekdays and on Friday mornings. Each mini semester includes 4 - 5 courses.
Students may choose a part-time study format that is spread over 2 years (26 months). In the part time track, each mini semester includes 2 - 3 courses.
This program includes a practicum that includes visits to financial institutions, lectures by executives and student presentations. The educational trip allows networking opportunities, companies provide students with details regarding career opportunities.
Towards the end of studies, students can participate in internships, these are usually 2 months long and allow students to open career opportunities in financial positions.
In addition, the program has an exchange agreement with the graduate quantitative finance program at University of Washington St. Louis, students study abroad towards the end of their studies (August - December).



Among the courses studied in this program:
Economic growth
Risk management
Corporate finance
Financial accounting
International finance
Empirical asset pricing
Fintech - finance and technology



Faculty comprises experienced researchers in relevant financial fields. Research interests of faculty members include: risk management, algorithm trading, asset pricing, macroeconomic policy, corporate finance, global banking, financial accounting and reporting, and many more.
This program is suitable for international and Israeli candidates with strong quantitative and analytical skills, who are interested in becoming financial economists. Candidates include excellent candidates from economics and business management degrees, as well as undergraduates of degrees in computer science, engineering, and exact sciences.
Admission criteria include the following:
- Undergraduate degree from recognized institutions that includes at least 2 semester-long courses in undergraduate level statistics and calculus.
- GPA of 80% and above (3.0)
- Quantitative background - preference given to undergraduates in economics, computer science, engineering, business, and exact sciences.
- Interview (in person or online)
- Preparatory courses in economics and mathematics - economics undergraduates are exempt from preparatory courses in economics, exact science undergraduates are exempt from mathematics preparatory courses.



Upon completing the program graduates receive an M.A. degree in financial economics.


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