MBA Programs in English at Tel Aviv University

Academic institutions in Israel invite you to participate in international programs, earn credits or complete your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the sites, to meet new people from all around the world, to hear Hebrew and Arabic, and to come to a closer understanding of Israeli society.


International and Executive MBA Programs at Tel Aviv University
Firm Managers
Tel Aviv University offers two MBA tracks in English: IMBA (International MBA) and Executive MBA; the latter is a partnership between TAU's Recanati Business School and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
The IMBA places much emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation while the EMBA focuses on managing large organizations and projects on a national or international scale.
The International MBA is a one year program in which students attend three consecutive semesters. Participants of the program study four days a week and may intern in Israeli and international companies located in Israel. The program is divided into five modules, the first two modules are comprised of mandatory core courses, and the three other modules are mostly electives.
After the first semester, students choose a field of expertise: entrepreneurship, sustainability, marketing or finance. The program encourages first hand experience and students have many internship options as well as personal projects and ventures that may lead to starting their own business upon graduation.
The Executive MBA track is collaboration between Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University. The two year (4 semesters) track can be studied in one of two ways – two days a week (Thursdays and Fridays) or a full intensive week of six consecutive days, studied once in eight weeks. As much focus is placed on international business world, the program also includes elective study trips abroad.
Study Structure
Both programs intertwine theoretical courses with practical workshops and study tours to major companies in Israel.
* Mathematics
* Marketing
* Negotiation Strategies
* Managerial Finance
* Organizational Behavior
* Information Systems and Innovation 
* Mergers and Acquisitions in Hi-Tech
* International Management
* Leading Strategic Change Processes
* Behavioral Finance
In the EMBA program 50% of the lecturers are from Kellogg School of Management NU, one of the top ten Management institutions in the US, and 50% are TAU's Recanati professors. In the IMBA most of the professors are from TAU. Many of them studied and taught at leading universities abroad, such as: Cornell, Penn State, Columbia University etc. Several faculty members used to practice as CEOs as well.
Both programs demand an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 80 (B) or above. Students who are not native English speakers must pass an English proficiency test such as IELTS. GMAT is also taken into consideration. Applicants must also hand in two letters of recommendation.
EMBA candidates must have at least 7 year experience in the business world.
Graduates of both programs receive an MBA from Tel Aviv University. In the EMBA track the diploma is also from Northwestern University. 


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