Jewish Education Studies at Bar Ilan University

Academic institutions in Israel invite you to participate in international programs, earn credits or complete your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the sites, to meet new people from all around the world, to hear Hebrew and Arabic, and to come to a closer understanding of Israeli society.

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Jewish Education at Bar Ilan University's Lookstein Center


Closer to Home


Many educators who work in Jewish schools around the world face the same dilemmas, deliberating how to bring children and adults closer to their Jewish heritage. Many ask themselves - how to answer tough questions regarding the interaction between Judaism and the State of Israel; how to deal with changes that the local community undergoes; how to manage conflicts between teachers and the administration in their schools; and more.


For this reason, Bar Ilan University created several Jewish education programs for teachers, principals and other community leaders. The programs aim to provide educators with better tools for dealing with the challenges that come up in their own communities.


Below is a list of four programs offered by BIU's Lookstein Center for Jewish Education:


ELAI - Educational Leadership Advancement Initiative


This is a yearly program for teachers and principals. The students visit schools, participate in monthly workshops, enjoy personal mentoring, joins a weeklong seminar in Israel and much more. The program is open to educators from NYC, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties who work in Jewish schools.


The Principals' Program


The intensive program for Jewish school principals includes online learning, group workshops, individual projects, mentoring and a 10-day seminar in Israel. While most of participants are from the US and Canada, past attendants included principals from Latin America, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Do note that the program is not available every year.


Case Studies Groups


In the past, the Jewish education programs alumni were asked to present to their peers case studies regarding difficulties or dilemmas they experienced in their schools. Each participant presented one case to which other members of the group responded via video. Thus, the program is held mostly online, so other educators can also participate and watch the opinions of their colleagues. Other case studies sessions take place from time to time; usually the presenters are from the US and are ELAI alumni.


British Educational Programs


The Lookstein Center offers several programs for head teachers in British Jewish schools. Head teachers may benefit from short and concise seminars on topics such as Jewish spirituality, prayers for pupils of different ages and the moral development of children. A longer, three-year program is also available. In this track head teachers will attend workshops and seminars as well as many video conferences and case studies with their peers. Graduates of the program will be awarded a fellowship in a special ceremony.

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