BA in Communication and Political Science at Bar Ilan University

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BA in Communication and Political Science at Bar Ilan University (Undergraduate)
Bar Ilan University offers an undergraduate program in communication and political science. This double major is studied entirely in English and is suitable for both international and Israeli students.
This track is especially suitable for those interested in media, public relations, marketing, advertising and spokesmanship, who wish to gain knowledge and skills necessary for developing a career in those fields.


Study program
Students in this double major explore the different ways in which the media shapes society, governments, and cultures. During their studies, they are exposed to a wide variety of elements in media and political communication. Through the integration of both politics and communication they are provided with tools necessary for analyzing the worlds of government and media and developing careers in both paths.
Bar Ilan University offers training and research in public diplomacy and international communication. The department of political studies at BIU is home to the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies, that is influential in the fields on national security and foreign affairs.
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Structure and duration
This is a full degree undergraduate program; studies span three years.



Students in this double major take part in courses in both subjects. Here are some of the courses:
- Visual culture.
- The media in Israel.
- Politics and government.
- History of political thought.
- News writing and journalism.
- Rhetoric and public speaking.
- Leadership, strategy, and politics.
- International organizations and media diplomacy.



The program is led by renowned researchers, who specialize in various fields in the worlds of media and politics. The faculty members are experienced both in the academic field and in the industry and share their knowledge and skills with their students.



Several application tracks are available:
Based on SAT scores (a high school diploma is required): a minimum SAT score of 1200.
Based on high school average scores (for eligible countries only): an equivalent of a 98 average score in the Israeli Bagrut exam.
Based on a combination of SAT score and high school diploma average (for eligible countries only):
- A minimum SAT score of 1100.
- A minimum SAT EBRW score of 600.
- A GPA of 88 and above.



Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to submit their score in an English proficiency exam: TOEFL (90 and above), IELTS (6.5 and above), SAT EBRW (600), Amir (120), or ACT (49).



Academic diploma
Undergraduates of this program receive a B.A. degree in communication and political science from Bar Ilan University.



Career opportunities
Graduates can explore local and global carrier opportunities in various fields such as advertising, marketing, government, public relations, journalism, and communication.
During their third year of studies, students participate in an internship program in media organizations (news websites, PR offices, corporations, government offices, etc.). In addition, the program allows students to gain hands-on experience that will assist them in their careers after graduation.


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