International M.Sc. and PhD at Weizmann Institute of Science

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Graduate and PhD Tracks at Weizmann Institute


Discover the World, Design the Future


Weizmann is one of the best science institutes in Europe. Among its fellows and past graduates are Noble Prize and Turing Award Laureates. It was recognized by "The Scientist" as the best place to work in the academia outside of the US. Students and fellows of the institute work constantly on hundreds of projects, some of them might change the world of science.


Several groundbreaking researches have already taken place at the institute such as: development of new medicines and medical procedures; designing laser systems; finding new method of growing hybrid seeds; solving the structure of ribosome; and more.


Study Program


Weizmann Institute offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. tracks in several fields in one of its five faculties: Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology. The study program is entirely in English. The programs are full time and students are not allowed to work while studying.


All graduate students must complete a thesis. The M.Sc. Science tracks include mandatory and elective courses and research labs (in some majors). In some cases 2nd year graduate students may ask to transfer to a direct Ph.D. track. The Ph.D. programs include mandatory and elective courses that are required by the student's advisor and are based on the student's field of research.




The M.Sc. track is two years long (24 months). The PhD track is 54 months long or 42 months in the direct PhD track.


Fields of Studies


Here is a partial list; most fields are available for both graduate and Doctorate students:


* Life Sciences - Biology, Brain Sciences, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology (Ph.D. only)


* Chemical Sciences


* Physics - Applied Physics, Biological Physics


* Math and Computer Science - Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics


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Candidates of the M.Sc. track must submit their undergraduate transcript. Only applicants with a GPA of 3.2 (85) or above are considered. Applicants have to also hand in their GRE scores and letters of recommendation. Non-native English speakers must also take an English proficiency exam.




In all fields, except Life Sciences, applicants must find an advisor willing to supervise their PhD research before applying. However, in Life Sciences candidates have to be accepted to Weizmann Institute and only then find an advisor. After submitting their application, they attend an interview with admissions committee and sometimes take a test.


In case of the direct PhD track the decision is based on the students' academic achievements and research proposal.

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Academic Diploma


Graduates receive a M.Sc. or a PhD from Weizmann Institute.

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